I created DevelopHer and the DevelopHer membership to help women get ahead, stand out, and earn more in their tech careers. And I love it when members of the DevelopHer community reach out and share their own success stories with me!

This week I want to highlight one of our Real DevelopHers, Tracy. Tracy has one of the most incredible success stories, and I’m so proud of her. Tracy went from being on disability and working a minimum-wage job while living at home with her parents to becoming a technical project manager. The shift in Tracy’s career began when she decided it was time to invest in herself. 

Invest in Yourself and Transform Your Future

Tracy’s complete story is featured in my book, The DevelopHer Playbook, but I’d like to share a bit of it here so you can really understand what an incredible transformation she made for herself. 

When Tracy first learned about DevelopHer, she was 55 years old and had been living on disability for the last 18 years due to mental health issues. She had experience as a social worker and had a master’s in IT, yet was working at the neighborhood Walgreens, grateful even to have a minimum wage job. Tracy figured she had nothing to lose by attending one of my hour-long webinars and listened to my story about hitting rock bottom and wanting to transform my career. My story really resonated with Tracy and encouraged her to question her own position in her career and life.  

“I told myself I was worth it. I could do this.”

After signing up for DevelopHer’s award-winning salary negotiation course and also becoming a monthly DevelopHer member (which you can do here!) Tracy recognized that she wasn’t alone in wanting more for herself. There are so many hard-working women who are looking to further their careers. That’s exactly why I created DevelopHer – to give that push in the right direction. Tracy just needed the confidence to get started and invest in herself. So, she signed up for classes to brush up on her tech skills and began to network purposefully. It took a lot of dedication and hard work. Sometimes she’d slip up – it happens to all of us – but the monthly DevelopHer meetings inspired Tracy to keep going. 

Within just one year, Tracy became a technical project manager working as the only woman on a team of ten men. For every dollar Tracy invested in herself, she received $28 back through an increased salary. In other words, Tracy gets a 2800% return on investment every year. Talk about a great expenditure. She holds her own, knows her worth, and continues to look to the future.

Own Your Outcome and Stay Consistent

But Tracy’s story doesn’t end there! She continues to evolve because she continues to show up for herself. She has been the most consistent member of our DevelopHer community, and her consistency has really paid off. 

Here’s proof: during our last monthly membership meeting, Tracy shared the HUGE news that her company had just given her a five percent performance-based raise! This is INCREDIBLE – not only is this higher than the average annual raise, but Tracy also received this raise during a pandemic year working for a nonprofit!

 I figured out that I can figure it out.  

Three years ago, Tracy only had hope. Now, she not only has a great job, but has confidence in herself and her ability to do more. And if self-doubt ever starts to creep in, Tracy has developed an incredible support system to lift her back up. Tracy has proven that no matter where you are in life, no matter your age, and no matter your financial situation, with dedication and hard work, you can dramatically change your outcome. 

“Because of DevelopHer and because I invested in myself, I now know that anyone who puts in the work can live the life they want.”

When you decide to take action and do so consistently, you alone have the power to transform your career. I could not be prouder of Tracy and her hard work, and I look forward to celebrating even more successes coming her way.

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