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DevelopHer is an empowered online community of tech women from all walks who confidently and successfully negotiate for the compensation and careers they both want and deserve.
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  1. Monthly, live Q+A call with DevelopHer’s founder, Lauren Hasson.
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Imagine what you could do with access to the knowledge and support of other like-minded tech women who have made the decision to invest in themselves and unlock the doors to greater opportunities.

Come get inspired by other tech women who are overcoming their fears and building their confidence to realize their salary potential and learn how to negotiate like a boss.

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“The DevelopHer community has been inspirational in my career transition and has given me the confidence to reach further in my career than I thought I could. I highly recommend joining.
Senior Program Manager
“I joined DevelopHer because I realized I was underpaid, unappreciated, and overlooked! I simply HAD to change my situation. And it’s been the best decision I’ve made for my career!”
Python Developer
“DevelopHer widened my network and helped me get my foot into the tech industry. I highly recommend DevelopHer membership to women who are in or looking to get into tech!”
Data Scientist
I can’t wait to connect with you and for you to join the rest of the DevelopHer community. Transformation is possible.
It’s your time!

Founder, Developer

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