The needs of women in tech are different.

This is my playbook to advance our way.

We’re often introverted, we’re often unheard in our companies, and we’re often in jobs we don’t love because the unknown is uncertain.

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  • Improve Confidence

  • Get Promoted

  • Get Clear On My Goals

  • Demonstrate My Value

  • Advocate For Myself

  • Get Out of My Comfort Zone

  • Get Experience

  • Be Heard

DevelopHer is my playbook specific to women in tech just like you.

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DevelopHer not only helps you get promoted. But it helps you create a career you love.

I’m here with you. I want to help you love your job and feel heard and respected in your work. And through that journey, something cool happens. You get promoted. And enjoy it even more.

I’m so passionate about helping other women in tech.

For anyone who wants to learn, there is a playbook that works and that can get you the results you’re looking for.

Hi! I’m Lauren.

The Founder of DevelopHer.

I changed careers and started from the bottom in tech with an outdated degree. In just a few years, I became a top woman in tech, becoming the Director of Engineering at a Silicon Valley Payments Company. DevelopHer is the playbook for how I did it. I’m just like you; I’m confident my process can get you similar results.

I hustled and never took no for an answer. Within 2 years my work was featured globally in Apple iOS keynotes and I was invited as one of the 100 top innovators to attend the UK G8 Innovation Conference.

DevelopHer will help you get where you’re trying to go sooner.

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    Challenge 1

    How to build confidence to be heard?
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    Challenge 2

    How to build confidence to be heard?
  • WED

    Challenge 3

    How to build confidence to be heard?
  • THU

    Challenge 4

    How to build confidence to be heard?
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    Challenge 5

    How to build confidence to be heard?

We’re honored to help women in tech advance faster.

And we’re proud to share our playbook with you to help you achieve your goals.

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