The Woman Behind DevelopHer

Award-winning speaker, best-selling author, coach, trainer, and full-time software engineer, Lauren Hasson is on a mission to empower women in tech to rise to new levels in their careers and their lives.

Lauren is the Founder of DevelopHer, an award-winning career development platform that provides women in tech with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to overcome the gender gap in leadership, opportunity, and pay in tech for good. Through her speaking, thought-leadership, and training programs, she has inspired thousands of women in tech to rise to new levels in their careers and lives. Lauren balances DevelopHer with her work on the frontlines of tech. By day, she is the architect of the voice payment system and messaging capabilities at a leading Silicon Valley payments company and is chiefly responsible for all of application security.

DevelopHer is the result of Lauren’s journey from rock bottom to a high-profile global leader in just two short years. Despite her Duke honors degree with a triple major in electrical engineering, computer science, and economics, Lauren found herself back at square one with zero technical skills and zero job prospects.

By investing in herself and taking small actions repeatedly and consistently, within two short years, she was invited as one of 100 top innovators to attend the UK G8 Innovation Conference, won multiple high-profile hackathons, had her work featured in Apple iOS keynotes, and then tripled her salary after learning that she was underpaid.

Lauren built DevelopHer, to empower women in tech to ignite their potential and build their value. Through her integrated career development platform of one-on-one and group coaching, corporate and university programs, and online training, she has partnered with top tech companies like Google, Dell, Intuit, Armor, and more and has worked with top universities like Indiana University. She has won multiple awards recognizing her work with DevelopHer for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and she was invited to the United Nations to collaborate with the global EQUALS initiative to bridge the global gender divide in technology.

Sought after across the globe for her insight and passionate voice, Lauren has started a movement that inspires women around the world to seek an understanding of their true value and to learn and grow continually.

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