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Gold Stevie Women in Business Award Startup of the Year, Consumer Services 2019

Finalist for United Nations Stakeholder Platform Prize

Gold Female Executive of the Year 2019 DataBird Business Journal

Silver Rising Star (Female Exec Under 40) 2019 DataBird Business Journal

Winner of Silicon Valley’s Diversity Initiative of the Year Award 2018

Silver Stevie Women in Business Award Female Solo Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Bronze Stevie Award Startup of the Year, Consumer Services 2019

Bronze Stevie Award Tech Startup of the Year, Services 2019

Finalist of Silicon Valley’s Diversity Initiative of the Year Award 2019

Finalist for the Women in IT Awards Innovator of the Year Award 2019

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"I was already top-of-market locally, so I was stunned when I got a $65k increase, working from home and my dream job and lifestyle! Everyone at every stage can benefit from DevelopHer."


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"I got a gigantic bump in pay - a salary increase of $80,000!! In 3 years, I could buy a house with the difference in compensation alone! Joining the DevelopHer community has been life changing for me."


Principal DevOps Engineer

"DevelopHer not only gave me the confidence to ask for more money, but also to apply for positions I didn't think I was capable of getting. My new salary is double what I was previously earning!"


Engineering Manager

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"I highly recommend DevelopHer - I got a $30k salary increase within one month and boosted my confidence to a new level!"


Senior Mechanical Engineer

"DevelopHer helped me go in and ask for the raise I deserved. And guess what?! I got it! A 36% raise effective back to the beginning of the month!"


Senior Project Manager

"I applied DevelopHer methodologies to land my first job as a Program Manager, gaining a 27% increase in my salary."


Associate Program Manager

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I founded DevelopHer to empower women to own their careers and earn what they're worth so they can create the lives they've always wanted. Transformation is possible. It's your time!

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