There is a growing worry in the world of tech due to the increasing number of layoffs. We are hearing about a lot of big companies making significant cuts. While it’s still considered a candidates market, employees and job hunters are understandably starting to get concerned. So I wanted to share some helpful tips I’ve learned throughout my years in tech on how to avoid getting laid off. While there’s no guarantee, there are plenty of things you can proactively be doing to work to secure your spot in times of uncertainty. 

Focus on How You Show Your Value

If you want to secure your spot during layoffs, you need to make yourself known and visible to key influencers and organizations about the value you provide. When those in charge know who you are and what value you bring to the table, your chances of sticking around during a layoff increase exponentially

When I was first getting started in tech, I realized that even in order to get a promotion, it wasn’t only about how hard you worked; it was about working smart. I wasn’t getting the recognition I deserved simply because the people who were making decisions didn’t know who I was. You have to do the work, and then you have to make it known to the key players that you’re putting in the work. 

Go Above and Beyond

There are plenty of ways to show your value and stand out. Try to volunteer for assignments and tasks that no one else wants that are key to moving the division forward. Flat out, ask what your boss needs and what you can do to help the company. Stay a step ahead of what’s needed and asked of you at work. Get creative in how you relay your value to those making the decisions. 

One of my DevelopHer members, Tracy, didn’t have a lot of work at her job because of the pandemic, so she found other ways to contribute to the company. She was so worried that she would lose her job since the company didn’t have much going on and so many people were losing jobs at the time. So instead of complaining or not doing anything about it, Tracy decided to double down on the DevelopHer advice and proactively look for ways that she could help and provide assistance to better the company. 

And you know what? Not only did she keep her job, but within two years (during the pandemic, mind you), she got two raises and was even promoted to a director role! If you haven’t checked out the DevelopHer Membership yet, be sure to take a look here, it’s a great way to keep yourself on track to reaching your goals! 

Going above and beyond and exceeding expectations genuinely works. You must make it known to your supervisors what you do at the company and why you’re irreplaceable. Sure it means you’re putting in extra effort, but it’s worth it for the end results. 

Get To Know People at Your Company

Like in any business, getting to know the people you work with is essential. You want people at your company to know you and like you. Having other employees who like you can be huge during layoff time. Make it so if anyone is thinking about letting you go, they get blowback from others at the company. 

This is just one more way to make yourself irreplaceable. And it’s easier than you think – even if you’re an introvert like me! If there are teams working on projects that are mission-critical to the company – get on those teams. Don’t become a complainer, and do your best to remain upbeat and enthusiastic. You don’t have to be the loudest at the company, but stay active within the work community and do your best to keep a positive attitude – even in uncertain times. 

As layoffs continue to happen, don’t panic. Instead, work on being strategic and smart with how you approach your job. Sometimes companies just have to downsize – it’s a part of corporate life that we’ve all seen happen before. Keep in mind that sometimes there are factors completely out of your control. But oftentimes, you can do many little things to ensure you’re not a part of that downsize.

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