I’m going to let you in on a little secret – the key to real success is taking small actions repeatedly and consistently. This is a mantra I’ve adopted throughout my career, and it really works. 

Now, of course, it’s easier said than done. The most challenging part of building something great is getting started. It takes a lot of energy to get something going – but that’s okay because then it takes a lot less to keep it going! I founded DevelopHer because I want to help women in tech get ahead, stand out, and earn more in their careers. So listen to me when I say – repetition matters – in fact, it alone can make all the difference in getting you to where you need to be. 

Own Your Outcome – Starting Today

The best way to own your outcome is through repetition, creating habits, and following through on these new habits. I’m a firm believer that we make our own luck. Throughout my career, I’ve ‘been in the right place at the right time’ because I was constantly showing up. I’ve been ‘top of mind’ because I was the only one who constantly put in the work and showed up again and again. 

Believe it or not, there are very few people who show up consistently. One of the highlights of my career, a moment that helped catapult me to new levels, was when I was invited to the Uk G8 Innovation Conference alongside a number of tech luminaries. What was so incredible about this invite was that, to this day, I honestly believe that anyone I was working with at the time could have been there, too. Plenty of my peers were more talented and more qualified than I was, but they didn’t step up, show up, and ask for opportunities over and over as I did. 

I trace this career-changing invite to realizing two months into my engineering job that whatever I lacked in experience, I would make up for with effort and attitude. So when the head of engineering pulled the entire department aside and asked us to spend a full Saturday volunteering as mentors at a local hackathon, I decided to participate. I decided I would own my outcome. 

Don’t Let Doubt Hold You Back

Deciding to own my outcome and take action was terrifying. Before the local hackathon, I found myself sitting in my car feeling incredibly nervous, but I took action and stepped out despite my fears. And while I was at that event, I made it a point to meet the organizer and connect with him because I wanted him to remember me. He invited all the mentors and participants to continue helping out at these events, and after working SO hard to break into the tech world, I recognized this for the chance that it was. So I showed up over and over and over again. Repetition and consistency! And guess what? I was the only one from my company who did that. 

Staying Consistent in Your Efforts is What Makes You Stand Out

Months later, this organizer announced he’d be hosting a much higher-profile event at the internationally renowned SXSW Conference. I took action, pitched myself as a volunteer, and it worked! While I was there, something life-changing happened. One of the teams needed an engineer – and just like that, I went from volunteer to participant literally overnight. And our team won. 

Then, a year later, I was invited to another SXSW hackathon in partnership with American Airlines. I made sure throughout the year to find ways to stay visible – constantly posting on social media about the work I was doing and continuing to nurture my connections and relationships with my peers. From this American Airlines hackathon, I cultivated a relationship with a key representative from the event, which ultimately led to my exclusive invitation to the UK G8 Innovation Conference. 

I continued to show up and stay consistent with my efforts.

And that’s the only reason that this invitation happened. I was ‘top of mind’ because I constantly reminded people of the work that I was doing. 

Anyone with big dreams has had doubts, including me. It’s okay to be afraid! It’s natural to be nervous about what lies ahead, but what’s important is not letting the fear of failure hold you back. I consistently owned my outcome and took action, even when it terrified me. I stayed consistent and took the necessary steps repeatedly, and even when I doubted myself, I continued to show up. 

Start taking action today, and stay consistent with your efforts. A great way to hold yourself accountable is through the DevelopHer Membership. I created this membership to help thousands of hard-working women in tech to communicate better, build value, and find a supportive community where we can hold one another accountable to goals and lift each other up. You can check it out here, along with additional resources for leveling up your career

I guarantee that being repetitive with your actions will lead to success with time. The path is never linear; there will always be ups and downs (which I have had plenty of throughout my career), but what’s important is that you stick with your goals and continue to create your own luck. I promise you – it will yield results!

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