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EP 09


Principal DevOps Engineer


A million dollars! That’s how much Lisa’s salary increase will pay her over the next twelve years! And that’s without counting interest. Lisa, one of DevelopHer’s first members, gained an $80,000 pay increase when she took her most recent job as a principal site reliability engineer for a healthcare technology company. Her experience in consulting, cloud-based application usage, and even developing art for video games gave her the background to know what value she had to bring to a business. She’s now positioned for personal success andis poised to help her company improve their infrastructure and increase profits.

Be Willing to Pivot

Change is a critical part of career success. No skill is wasted. Agile is more than a software development methodology. It describes the ability to pivot to the next move, drawing from the work that has gone before. Soft skills, business basics, and communication abilities contribute to each career shift.

Gain Valuable Perspective

A lot is written about negotiation, but it is still a challenge. Networking is a good start. Researching specific companies and what they pay developers is essential. Don’t start with your previous numbers. Learn what each company needs and what they’re willing to pay for it.

Own YourOutcome

Know the numbers. Then be strategic as to your desired outcome. DevelopHer’s scripts help you ask more to begin with. Raises from one job to the next may still not get you to the pay level that is in line with the value you bring to the company. Once the focus is on what you have that the company needs, the salary negotiation shifts. It’s not about how much they’ll pay; it’s about how much you’re worth.

Build Confidence and Competence

This is bigger than a pay increase. Being strategic and understanding what a company needs positions you to move into the new job and address what you were hired for. And that’s a confidence builder. The best way to overcome imposter syndrome is competence and confidence. It’s that confidence that can be invested in others.

“I got a gigantic bump in pay – a salary increase of $80,000!! In 3 years, I could buy a house with the difference in compensation alone! Joining the DevelopHer community has been life changing for me.”

It’s time to start earning what you’re worth!

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