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From women just starting out in the tech industry to C-level execs, Lauren’s passion for helping others like herself take ownership of their careers and invest in themselves to get ahead, stand out, and earn more is truly inspiring. After sharing her own first-hand accounts of disappointments, key learnings, and how she eventually became a top, valuable woman in tech herself, her audiences emerge feeling empowered, informed, and inspired to take action in their own careers!

“Lauren brought the right balance of inspirational content and superb delivery in her talk to Google’s Women Tech Makers. She left our attendees motivated and armed with the right tools to tackle future negotiations with a framework built for success”

Naveen Nigam
Head of Developer Ecosystems in North America, Google

“The attendees at the Armor Women’s Network could not stop talking about Lauren’s presentation, and left ready to take a new look at how they are approaching career growth and personal motivation. Her story is an inspiration, of course, but her call to action really set our group in motion.”

Nancy Free
Chief Compliance and Data Protection Officer, Armor

DevelopHer Keynotes

Learn to Build Your Value + Become an Asset at Work

Great for in-house women in tech, leadership development,
and diversity & inclusion events.

Far too many of our nation’s best and brightest tech women work as hard as they can to advance their careers without really understanding how important it is to build their value and communicate their worth. It’s time to teach women how to work smarter, not harder, to become more effective and invaluable to the companies they work with. Lauren shares her personal story of going from zero network, zero skills, and no job prospects to becoming a highly valued, top engineer with global connections in just three short years. Women will come away with steps they can take to immediately start building their value and become indispensable at work and in their tech careers.

Learn the Secrets to Make More $ in Your Tech Career

Great Opening or Closing Keynote to Empower,
Inform, and Inspire Your Audience

As tech women, salary negotiation is an essential skill, but negotiating isn’t always so easy. Imposter syndrome, fear, and unconscious bias are real adversaries that can get in your way to a successful negotiation and earning what you deserve. The good news is that negotiation is a skill that can be learned. DevelopHer’s founder, Lauren Hasson shares how she tripled her base salary in less than two years by grounding herself in data and asking critical questions to uncover key leverage points and ultimately learned to negotiate with confidence. Attendees learn actionable steps they can take themselves to not only uncover their true market value, but also negotiate for the salary they deserve.

“Lauren knocked it out of the park! She delivered one of the most talked-about and highest-rated sessions for our Women in Tech Summits. Her presentation and personal story is highly motivational and inspirational for all in the audience, with many survey comments stating how relevant and timely her content was for them personally. Her style is engaging and thought-provoking. She is an obvious choice to present to any audience and we have already contacted her for future speaking engagements with our audiences.”

Sean Lowery
Executive Director, InnoTech and Women in Tech Summit

Real Women. Real Impact.

“Lauren’s talk was by far the most inspirational session of the conference. Her message was empowering and timely. She has no idea how many lives she has just touched!”

Senior Program Manager

“It was really informative and inspiring to have a woman who has done it both break it down into really digestible steps that you should do when you’re approaching negotiation.”

Tech Recruiter

“To hear her story is super empowering! If an engineer can get up in front of a room of people and speak much less triple her salary like she’s done, that’s a huge accomplishment!

Lauren K.
Senior Sales Leader

Hear From A Real Attendee

Upcoming and Past Speaking Events


  • March 1, Virtual
    Chapman University
  • March 4, Virtual
    Duke North Texas Alumni
  • March 8, Virtual
  • March 8, Virtual
    Tech(K)now Day
  • March 9, Virtual
    Operation Code
  • March 10, Virtual
    Big Design
  • March 10, Virtual
    Chapman University
  • March 11, Virtual
  • March 11, Virtual
    Austin Young Women’s Alliance
  • March 13, Virtual
  • March 23, Virtual
    Women’s CyberJutsu
  • April 8, Virtual
    Duke Women’s Athletics
  • April 14, Virtual
    Tufts University
  • May 1, Virtual
    Ivy Tech Community College
  • May 14, Virtual
    IEEE Eta Kappa Nu
  • June 8, Virtual
    WomenTech Global Conference
  • June 17, Virtual
    Leadership Pipeline
  • June 23, Virtual
    Oklahoma Women in Technology
  • July 28, Virtual
    Women TechMakers
  • August 31, Dallas
    North Texas Tech Connect Conference
  • September 28, Dallas
    InnoTech Dallas
  • October 2, Dallas
    Fierce Lab
  • October 5, Dallas
    Big Design Conference
  • October 20, Virtual
    LeanIn Network Leaders Summit


  • March 6-7, Bloomington
    Indiana University
  • March 9, Boston
    Tufts University
  • September 12, Virtual
    Brave Enough Summit
  • September 30, Virtual
    Duke University


  • January 7, Dallas
    Private Executive Roundtable
  • January 10, Dallas
    Alliance of Technology and Women
  • January 25, San Marcos
    4th Annual Invest in Women
  • February 1, Chicago
    Windy City DevFest
  • February 6, Online
    MilSpouse Coders
  • February 20, Austin
    Women in Digital
  • February 26, Galveston
    Texas A&M Technology Summit
  • March 27, Online
    Trilogy Education
  • April 11, Durham
    Duke University
  • April 17, Dallas
  • April 30, Dallas
  • May 23, Austin
    IEEE International Leadership Conference
  • August 27, Boston
  • September 9, Boston
    Tufts University
  • September 12, Austin
  • October 12, Austin


  • January 18, Dallas
    Women Who Code
  • January 26, San Marcos
    3rd Annual Invest in Women
  • March 15, Dallas
    Society of Women Engineers
  • March 23, Washington, DC
    Women in Tech Summit
  • March 29, Boston
    Tufts University
  • April 4, Austin
    DIR Connect
  • April 14, Philadelphia
    Women in Tech Summit
  • May 2, Dallas
    InnoTech Women in Tech Summit
  • May 18, Austin
    Texas Women in Business
  • May 19, Chicago
    Women in Tech Summit
  • June 27, Irving
    Irving Chamber of Commerce
  • July 27, Dallas
    DFW WordPress
  • August 14, Dallas
    Microsoft’s DigiGirlz
  • August 15, Austin
    Young Women’s Alliance
  • September 12, Dallas
    NCH Corporation
  • September 12, Dallas
  • September 14, Columbus
    Women in Digital Conference
  • September 15, Denver
    Women in Tech Summit
  • September 20, Boston
    WITI Summit
  • September 28, Austin
    Lean In Austin
  • October 2, Austin
    InnoTech Women in Tech Summit
  • October 6, Long Beach
    Wonder Women Tech
  • October 12, Dallas
    Future of Blockchain Conference
  • October 13, New York City
    Google, Women Techmakers Leads Summit
  • November 6, Houston
    InnoTech Women in Tech Summit
  • November 14, Dallas
    Per Scholas
  • November 17, Raleigh
    Women in Tech Summit

“Lauren consistently packs the room! Her talks really draw a crowd and are positive, forward-looking, and actionable. She’s incredibly engaging and a consummate professional whose insights have been invaluable to our audience of women in tech. We booked her for all five of our 2018 summits and are already in discussions with her for our 2019 events!”

Gloria Bell
Co-Founder, Women in Tech Summits

“Lauren’s strategies don’t just change attitudes, they changes lives! She shares her command of negotiating skills so concisely, that her recipe for success can be immediately implemented by anyone, regardless of what stage of your career you are in. Lauren connects with audiences because she doesn’t lecture, she engages. She empowers us to dig deep within ourselves to recognize exactly we want for our future, and to own that future.”

Dr. Karen Panetta
Dean of Graduate Engineering, Tufts University

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