Get Ahead. Stand Out.
Build Your Value.

Advocate for Yourself as a Women in Tech.

Are you struggling to stand out as a women in tech? Are you stuck and not sure how to move forward? Do you feel undervalued?
This book will change your life.

Lauren Hasson was in your seat. She had just been laid off from a dead-end job. She had zero marketable skills, zero network, and nearly zero in her bank account.

Lauren dug in deep and took her career from rock bottom to a high-profile, top engineer with global connections. It wasn’t a stroke of luck or a dramatic reboot. It was a deliberate and thoughtful process and now she is sharing it with you.

In this book, Lauren peels back the curtain and shares the five simple things she did repeatedly and consistently to build her value.

What to Expect

The book outlines five simple steps that everyone can take whether you are starting out as a programmer or moving into the corner office of the executive suite.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize Your Value & Defeat Imposter Syndrome
  • Build Your Network Before You Need It
  • Jump to the Front of the Line by Making Smart Investments in Yourself
  • Advocate For Yourself Using Proof Points of Your Accomplishments
  • Live the Life You Want

Real Women, Real Results

“It was the push I needed. I wanted to be a leader at our company, but… I didn’t know how to make it happen. I had to take responsibility for it. I had to step up and own my outcome. Lauren’s story made it clear that I already had what it took inside me to be successful. I didn’t have to take a scary quantum leap. I simply had to do small things over and over and over again.”

Santhi, Solutions Architect

“Lauren told me exactly what I needed to hear: it is so important to learn new and valuable skills and to get real-world experience to showcase in my portfolio… DevelopHer pushed me to learn these new skills to put in my toolkit. Now I have the confidence and the skills to make these dreams come true.

Linda, Cloud Engineer

“As a result of learning to communicate my value through DevelopHer, I’ve been invited to lead internal projects, participate in cross-team programs, and have earned a seat at the table where my opinions are valued. I am proud of where I am today and owe my confidence to the inspiration and tools I got from Lauren and DevelopHer.”

Barbara, Program Manager

An Award-Winning Platform

Gold Stevie Women in Business Award,
Women Helping Women, Business, 2020

Finalist for United
EQUALS Leadership in
Tech Award

Finalist for
United Nations Stakeholder Platform Prize

Winner, Gold Stevie Startup Entrepreneur of the Year, 2020

Gold Stevie Women in Business Award, Achievement in Product Innovation, 2020

Gold Female Executive of the Year 2019 DataBird Business Journal

Winner of Silicon Valley’s Diversity Initiative of the Year Award 2018

Gold Stevie Women in Business Award Startup of the Year, Consumer Services 2019

Silver Stevie Women in Business Award Female Solo Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Silver Rising Star (Female Exec Under 40) 2019 DataBird Business Journal

Silver Stevie Women in Business Award Female Solo Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Bronze Stevie Women in Business Award, Best New Product or Service 2020

Dallas Business Journal, Women in
Business Award 2020

Bronze Stevie Award Startup of the Year, Consumer Services 2019

Bronze Stevie Award Tech Startup of the Year, Services 2019

Lauren Hasson

founder of

I founded DevelopHer to empower women to own their careers and earn what they’re worth so they can create the lives they’ve always wanted. Transformation is possible. It’s your time!

Your future is waiting for you!

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